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Core Aeration & Fertilizing

Core Aeration and Fertilizing


Core Aeration/Overseeding/Fertilizing Is Critical For Healthy Grass.
We can professionally Aerate & Fertilize lawns of all shapes and sizes.

There are many different steps and processes required to achieve that beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted for your property. One of the most important steps, critical to your lawn's success is Lawn Aeration or also known as Core Aeration. Aeration of the turf areas followed by overseeding with premium lawn seed is necessary for good lawn health. The results will show immediately.

Annual Lawn Aeration is beneficial because the soil underneath your lawn will compact & condense over time. This can happen for a variety of reasons; Vehicles, People, Kids, Equipment, Summer Droughts, basically any stress over the lawn areas will compound the soil, over time this will yield less than optimal soil conditions. This in turn, affects the root system growth as well as nutrient delivery mechanisms resulting in a lackluster lawn.

Lawn Aeration counteracts this soil compaction process by puncturing holes in the earth and removing soil plugs, reversing the compaction process. Overseeding and then Fertilizing replenishes the nutrients necessary for strong root development resulting in a thicker, healthier turf over a period of time. Golf courses as an example, will aerate up to 6 times per season. We recommend two applications, Spring & Fall, coupled with 2 applications of overseeding and 2 applications of Fertilizer 4 to 6 weeks later.  Spring fertilizer will be high in nitrogen so that your lawn stays green and lush and can fight off the stresses of summer traffic, disease, and drought.  Fall fertilizer will be high in phosphorus so that root growth is stimulated late into the season, aiding in a greener lawn that fights against weeds and insects in the Spring.

Arkansound Lawn Care & Property Maintenance is a full service lawn care and maintenance company based out of Walkerton, Ontario. We specialize in Lawn Aeration & Fertilizing as a stand alone service for larger properties or as part of a regular Annual Lawn Maintenance program. We work with both Residential and Commercial Farm & Rural properties from 5000 sq. feet - 10 acres in size.  You can rely on Arkansound Lawn Care & Property Maintenance to provide professional, reliable, and efficient Core Aeration and Fertilizing service.


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